Common Myths about Conveyancing in Australia

If you want to buy your own home in Australia, you should be familiar with the facts of the conveyancing process. Otherwise, you may believe a myth that cannot be proven without all the facts. Meanwhile, these myths can also lead to controversies in the real estate sector, leading to many people thinking about the need for a conveyancer. Here is a description for those who wonder what conveyancing is about or who a conveyancer is.

Conveyancing is when the seller hands the property over to the buyer. This article will expose some of the most prominent conveyancing myths and misconceptions.

Myth 1: Conveyancers are hard to understand 

It is a fact that conveyancers are busy and have a lot to do. But it does not mean the process is hard to understand because you have to get a professional to handle it. You may ignore the responsibilities of experienced solicitors to your detriment. Conveyancers have a duty to their clients to deliver the best while having the best idea to communicate the right things. 

When you are ready to get a conveyancer, identify one and contact them. An email is enough to make enough contact except when it is very urgent, and you need to contact them. On the other hand, if it is urgent, you can contact them by call or text but maintain the method of communication that you accept. A professional solicitor will have the best chance to give you the best results under ideal conditions. 

Myth 2: Cheaper conveyancing services are always better

Another myth which applies to more than conveyancing is that cheaper services are always better. Suppose you want the best value for the money. In that case, you can hire a conveyancer that can put all consideration into abiding by the legal rules. At the same time, it may become one of your best assets, and you should not treat it as a trivial matter. Suppose you only choose a conveyancer because the service is cheaper. In that case, you may discover that the poor quality of services may do you more harm. Poor quality may also imply incomplete work. 

Myth 3: Only local conveyancers can give you the best service

As good as it is for any home buyer to go for a local conveyancer for ease, your chance of getting the best result does not end with local professional solicitors. The area or scope of the service area goes beyond the ideal standard where you make your decision. You may not also get that level of service from the conveyancer with the passion for getting the best results from a local conveyancer. Besides, it is a digital age, and the physical barriers are often eroded when you encounter the right solicitor to give you the best results. 

Myth 4: A recommended conveyancer by the real estate agent doesn’t give a reasonable price

Many real estate agents find it easy to work with conveyancers or professional solicitors that they already know. A familiar professional enables your project to proceed without a hitch. At the same time, these professionals know the firm that you may want to work with and develop the right relationships. These real estate professionals can also speak to the right conveyancer on your behalf. But ultimately, it will still be up to you to choose the best conveyancer you prefer. However, suppose you decide to go with another professional for your conveyancing. In that case, the difference may show at the deal’s close.

Myth 5: Conveyancing takes too long a time

The last myth to consider and rethink is the assumption that conveyancing takes a long time to complete. The most crucial factor here is that the conveyancer you choose must have a CQS accreditation without complications. Whether the difficulty is a result of the buying party or the other party, you can expect that the conveyancing will take a short period. On average, conveyancing should take between 12 to 18 weeks. However, there may be some delays in one way or the other as regard emergencies such as stamp duty holidays or COVID-19. When it happens, it is more realistic to take over 20 weeks to complete the process with a simple transaction. 

Three factors determine choosing the right conveyancer

Three essential things that should guide your choice of a conveyancer are Fees, Duration and Competence. These factors will determine which of these procedures you can achieve smooth and the quality of results you get afterwards.

  1. Fees

The fees you pay a conveyancer to depend on the property type you are eyeing. We are sure you are gunning for the best property at the lowest possible price. The combination of many factors will now determine the property prices so you can afford the services of the professional conveyancer. While there are many high-quality conveyancing services for grabs, you must also be ready to pay the right price.

  1. Duration

Apart from the fees of the conveyancing, the duration is another factor most people must consider when buying a home. Naturally, homebuyers are anxious about the time the conveyancing will take and may consider the waiting period stressful. Moreover, nobody wants to experience any delay in the process of conveyancing. At the same time, you need a professional solicitor or conveyancer who can correctly handle and quickly complete the project. 

  1. Competence

When you find a conveyancer who charges an affordable rate and promises to finish up on time, you want to know his level of competence. A savvy homebuyer may also consider competence as the most critical factor above the rest. For example, how competent a conveyancer is may inform you to pay more than you initially planned. At the same time, you need a professional with the right skill and experience to get you the right property. 


As we have considered the essential conveyancing myths and misconceptions, you may need to reconsider the options. At the same time, these agreeable factors are counted when it matters. The quality of the conveyancing service may depend on the person you choose. Therefore, search and pick the right conveyancer, and you can finally put your mind at rest. Picking the right person signifies that you will get what you expect.